RaceTec operates on a per-year licence basis. You purchase a licence which gives you the right to use RaceTec for a full year. At the end of that year, you may renew your licence, or stop using RaceTec. And the web results work on the same basis.

Why a licensing system?

Annual licence fees guarantee my continued interest in, and support of, RaceTec. I am constantly improving the software and implementing new technologies and ideas. Besides the fact that I am passionate about RaceTec, it in my interest to keep ensuring RaceTec is the best scoring software available, because if the competition gets better, I lose you as a client. It's as simple as that.

Why is it so expensive?

Is it really expensive? If you own a timing company you would have outlaid tens of thousands of dollars on hardware. Your RaceTec licence is a fraction of the total cost of your business, and yet your scoring software is your interface to your clients: race directors, race officials, registration staff and participants. If you don't have the software tools to show them what you (and your timing system) can do, you may as well be timing manually using barcodes.
Please also remember that I have dedicated 20 years of my life to RaceTec, and I use my extensive timing experience to ensure that RaceTec provides you with all the tools you need, at any race and in any emergency situation. I am regularly told by my clients that they feel RaceTec is worth every cent, and I believe that is reflected by the fact that I have lost very few clients over the years, and none of the ones I have lost have switched to competitor's software.

How much is it?

(all pricing in Australian Dollars)

Full Licence
$550 for the first year, thereafter $1,100 per year
Additional licences drop dramatically in price the more you purchase. Once you get to your 4th licence, the price is cheaper than any other scoring software on the market.
Additional licences are only half price if purchased in your first year.

Web results
$220 for the first year, thereafter $770 per year. This includes all hosting fees and there is no limit to the number of races you can upload.

Support via email and Teams/Skype only, no telephone support.