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NEW: I've started a blog, detailing my experiences at some interesting events. I seem to learn something new at every event I work at, and hopefully you can pick up some tips too.
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  RaceTec is an advanced, powerful and flexible Windows-based software package for timing and scoring fun runs, triathlons, duathlons, bike races, marathons, stage races and many other similiar sporting events.
It has been designed with professional race timers in mind, able to offer superior and unequalled functionality and power. If you want to take a big step to improve the service you offer participants and race directors, then RaceTec will give you the advantage you need.

Live Facebook updates to a competitor's wall
RaceTec can send results directly to a personal Facebook wall at the click of a button. The wall post can also contain an image and a website link, making it a massive opportunity for you to promote your timing company, the race or its sponsors. Read more ...

Announcer screen, results and more on ANY smart device
An advanced commentator display, results, leaderboards, data entry, and more - all available on any smartphone, iPAD, tablet or PC. This is not an app that restricts you to a particular device, it will work on anything. Read more ...

  Most scoring software packages make this claim, however none have the equal of RaceTec. Results are computed on a continuous basis, meaning even the most complex and large races can have results available at any time, not only as the leader crosses the line, but even before that, offering live leaderboard updates if you have timing splits en-route.
All data can be fed live to a website so that anyone watching from around the world can see results real-time, as they unfold. No uploading of files, or clicking of buttons, it just happens. Send SMS messages within moments of someone crossing a timing mat, and track the leaders real-time using GPS.
  Change your race setup from a triathlon to a fun run mid-race. Change all your age categories mid-race. Re-assign everyone to new wave starts, change the gun start time, fix genders, move entrants between events, all mid-race. In other words RaceTec is totally flexible and able to handle the worst that can be thrown at it. Advanced checks and balances as well as problem solving functionality helps you find and quickly resolve issues when they arise, giving you the confidence in knowing that you will have more time to devote to more pressing issues.  
  Handles the biggest and smallest races effortlessly. A marathon with 50,000 people and splits every mile would total over a million records for splits alone. No problem at all for RaceTec.
Connect as many client computers to the RaceTec database as your operating system allows.
Leverage the full power of Microsoft SQL Server, one of the worlds top database servers, to fine-tune a heirarchical, normalised database able to handle millions of transactions a minute.
  There are no limits on the number of categories, splits, wave starts, races and entrants. There are 2 levels of categories (primary and secondary), and an unlimited number of gender types (male, female, mixed ...) providing an unlimited heirarchy of category results. You can have an unlimited number of team categories, each containing an unlimited number of teams, with each team having an unlimited number of members.
RaceTec will calculate results for a 50,000 entrant fun run with multiple splits as easily and nearly as fast as a 100 entrant triathlon. There is absolutely no limit to the size of your race.
  All race data is stored in one database. This not only simplifies backup and restore processes, but also means that all your entrant details are available for any race. Results can be accumulated over multiple races, and you can copy event setups from one to another. Participant result history in all your races you score is available at any time.